You Have the Power to Make This the Best Paws in the Park Ever

| July 21, 2023

Pet lovers across the GTA are looking forward to attending the most dog-friendly summer event on August 12, 2023, at Woodbine Park – Paws in the Park. But did you know that this is also Toronto Humane Society’s largest fundraiser?

From medical care and rehabilitation to providing temporary foster homes and pet supplies for those who need it the most – Paws in the Park is hosted annually to help support Toronto Humane Society’s life-saving work. And that is why we’re calling on all animal lovers to take the pledge this summer to help raise funds for animals in need.

You can help thousands of animals get the care they need in three easy steps:

1. Take the Pledge by Creating a Personal Fundraising Page

Visit and register to create your own fundraising page. You can start your own fundraising page, register as a team, or join a team. You can also set your own fundraising goal to display on your page.

2. Share your page with your Friends and Family

Once you’re registered, you can share your page by posting it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – wherever your friends and family are! We also have adorable images of dogs that you can share along with your fundraising page. You can download them at the bottom of this article.

3. Raise Crucial Funds for Animals in Need and Show Off Your Support at the Paws in the Park Event!

As your friends and family donate to your personal page, you’ll see your goal meter grow! There are also prizes to be won as you hit different fundraising milestones (t-shirts, gift cards, and more!).

Everyone who takes the pledge is invited to join us at the Puppy Parade which kicks off the Paws in the Park event. The Puppy Parade will allow our amazing community of animal lovers to celebrate the work they’ve done to Improve the Lives of Animals while walking the paths at Woodbine Park.

Lives are changed at Toronto Humane Society every single day, and that is thanks to the support from our community. We’d like to extend a large thank-you to everyone who is taking the pledge to make a difference this summer. We cannot wait to celebrate with you at Paws in the Park on August 12, 2023, at Woodbine Park from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Sample social media photos that you can use to share and promote your personal fundraising page for Paws in the Park